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Rocker 7 Farms is a diversified farming operation in Buckeye, Arizona, specializing in alfalfa hay sales. While the largest part of our business is growing and marketing alfalfa hay in a seamless process from the field to loaded trucks, we also rotate crops such as cotton, durum wheat, barley and sunflowers around the farm. Learn more about the farm, our alfalfa hay, and other crops here.

Alfalfa Hay Sales

Are you a wholesale hay buyer, looking for a truckload to ship your way?

Rocker 7 Farms specializes in wholesale truckloads of alfalfa hay. For information on wholesale pricing and availability, or to book your next semi load, please contact us or jump right on over to Hay Sales.
Or, you can learn a little more…

Simply looking for a few bales or small trailer load?

Unfortunately, we do not offer these services at Rocker 7 Farms. However, there are several farms in our area that do sell by the bale or load small trailers. Check directories in the area for local listings.

Certified Noxious Weed Free Alfalfa

Are you a government agency or individual searching for Certified Noxious Weed Free alfalfa?

You’re in luck! We proudly offer hay with the noxious weed free certification, primarily to serve those working or visiting public lands. We can sell directly to government agencies such as the National Park Service and US Forest Service. Be sure to mention you are looking for Certified Noxious Weed Free hay when you contact us.

Rocker 7 Ranches show cattle

Rocker 7 Ranches is the cattle producing branch of our agricultural endeavors, providing show cattle and livestock judging services, along with other cattle offerings throughout the year. Get the full scoop on Rocker 7 Ranches here.

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